Sunday 13 December 2020

Humanity In Full Flow

When there is humanity in full flow,

You'll feel safe & secure & you'll glow! 

Walking Nirbhaya* down the street, you know- 

Those you meet won't violate or stoop low. 

No unruly elements will bother you anywhere.

Untoward cases with girls won't occur or scare.

Experiencing freedom & peace won't be rare.

Humanity will triumph with love & care.

When on gender-grounds, there's no discrimination,

And girls have equal status in every nation, 

Birth of a girl will be a welcome celebration. 

Every girl can eye for the stars without limitation. 

I dream of a day when girls have limitless sky-

When every girl is free to imagine & soar high! 

Let humanity be the wind that empowers girls to fly.

Humanity in full flow can make indecency die. 

I dream that may no parent worry of girl's security-

May no girl feel uncomfortable or unsafe in village/city.

I dream that may noble equitable thoughts rule humanity.

Simply dream or work to make safety & security a reality?

Note- Violence against girls is humanity's death-sign. 

Society has been & is being unfair- crossing the line. 

For the girl-child, do your thoughts align with mine? 

Let's join & allow humanity in full flow & let girls shine!

Irrespective of geography, let every girl feel safe and fine.

Let every girl have equal opportunities to excel & shine!

What about you? Do you agree with me & feel so too? 

Let humanity collectively make safety & security for girls true.

Thank you!

*Nirbhaya - Fearless; Fearlessly 

My poem for the Poetry Session at Sovaniya World Women's Web Conference organized by International Indecency Prevention Movement (Sovaniya Andolan) on 13 December, 2020. 

Poetry Session Topic- Humanity In Full Flow

Plenary Session- Safety & Security of Girl Child: Mandate to Mankind 

Thank you for inviting & inspiring me to write on this topic, Guruma, Dr. Arundhati Debi.

My mother used to ask me to write poems on various topics. Thanks to Guruma for this opportunity. 

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  1. Beautiful poem. May your dream come true in its real sense and may humanity pervade in every nook and corner of the country. We are slowly and significantly marching towards the safety and empowerment of girls save for a few cases sadly recurring in different places across the country. Such admirable poems as yours create an awareness among the people.


Your words mean a lot to me.

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