Wednesday 15 July 2020

Dil Bechara : Missing Sushant Singh Rajput

Exactly a month ago, we lost a young and talented star, Sushant Singh Rajput (SSR).
The nation is still mourning and many are looking for justice for him.
We really do not know what happened and why we have to face such a situation.

We watched the movie trailer of Dil Bechara and the super song that Sushant has pulled off in one shot.
SSR has such a happy personality in the movie and in the real-life videos with his disarming smile and cool and smart style.

In Dil Bechara, these inspiring positive words sound so nice in his voice-:
"Janam kab lena hai aur marna kab hai- Hum decide nahi karsakte hain;
Par kaise jeena hai- woh Hum decide karsakte hain."
"We cannot decide when to take birth or when to die;
But, we can decide how to live life."
SSR has always been inspiring his fans by his super ideals, philanthropy, hard-work, gentleness, genuineness, passion, and dreams.
Truly wish SSR was around to see the kind of reactions and emotions he has generated.
He was a powerhouse of talent.

If his thoughts tilted towards destroying his existence, wish he would have simply deactivated his Social Media accounts and/or stopped his online presence
Many would never even have accepted his digital absence. 
Am sure SSR could then have seen how much his fans adore him...

Fact is- he is no more physically present with us, and we have a tough time dealing with his absence now that we "know" him even better after learning about the great soul he was. 
Wish we would have known all the details about his dedication to his art and would have showered the appreciation and awards that he truly deserved in his lifetime. 

SSR will continue to live forever thanks to his movies...
But, how can we stop feeling sad each time his scenes and songs play onscreen?

I was thinking of SSR's motivating words in the movie, when I came across this article in the Speaking Tree (Do read the highlighted portion below)-
Life Image
The Speaking Tree, TOI - July 11, 2020

They say circumstances can make a person take the extreme step.
A popular actress stated that she is getting messages asking her not to take any such drastic step!

Can such constant messages trigger such action? 
The external world can influence our internal world- mental peace and well-being if we allow it to. 

This morning, I was surprised to find this well-meaning message from a “well-wisher”. As the sender of this SMS is not in my contact list, I am not sure if I was the intended recipient of his concern and affection. 
The entire message reads thus:
"meri devi meri malkin ap kabhi bhi paresan mat hona kabhi bhi tanson mat lena.agar apko kabhi bhi koi bhi paresani ya tanson ho to ap mujse bat kar lena me apka paresani aur tanson dur kar dunga

agar apko kabhi bhi kisi par bhi gussa aye ya koi kabhi bhi apko rulaye to uska gussa ap muj par nikaliyega muje jitna chahe gali dijiyega jo mu me aye boliyega magar piliz gussa ko ya dard ko andhar hi andhar daba kar mat rakhiyega

apki paresani aur taklif ke samay koi apka sath de ya na de me hamesa apka sath dunga aur apke sath khada rahunga.bas ap kabhi bhi koi bhi ulta sidha kadam uthane ka mat sochiyega."
This is the significant part of the message that caught my attention- 

"Don't keep your anger or pain suppressed inside.
Whether anyone supports you or not during your troubles and pains, I'll always support you and stand with you. 
You must never ever think of taking any wrong step."

I guess the message sender has requested me not to commit suicide! 
I can hear him screaming- "Don't think of suicide! No suicide please!"

Life has its ups and downs. 
We sometimes tend to think of what we are not supposed to think. "Forbidden fruits are sweetest." But, if we try for some fruits and do not get them, that does not mean we are a failure or that our life has no meaning. 
Circumstances can trigger thoughts. How we react is totally up to us.

Suppose I say- 
Please take part in this challenge- 
"Think of anything else, but DON'T think of RASAGOLA (Rasgulla) NOW."

So, what are you thinking of right now? Rasagola (Rasgulla), right?

After receiving the above-mentioned message that asks me not to take any severe step, I thought of all the dreams I have and how I plan to use my time to achieve them. 
I thought of my loving family-members and all the nice things life has gifted me and felt grateful to God. 
I thought of "Dil Bechara" movie that I plan to watch; (just like I have watched most of Sushant Singh Rajput's movies in the movie-hall before, wish this one too was released in the multiplex.)
I thought of my blog and the review of SSR's Dil Bechara movie that I plan to write.
I thought of all the posts in my Drafts folder and all the ideas in my head...
I decided to spread some sweetness by buying and sharing Rasagolas!

Though we celebrate "Rasagola Dibasa" (Rasgulla Day) on the last day of Rath Yatra each year (this year it was on July 4th), we pray that may everyone think nice and positive thoughts and may there be sweetness everyday.

Have you received any such SMS or advice? Are you waiting to watch SSR's movie- "Dil Bechara"? Please share in the comments below.

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  1. Nice post... I really you said... he had deleted his SM accounts and seen the reaction... He would have known how much people love him!


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