Friday 20 December 2019

December Chills

Their team had gone for camping in the forest. 
She tried to express her love for him, but couldn't muster courage.

She knew he was interested in her. 
Whenever she looked at him, she found him already staring...
She overheard him requesting for her mobile number from another friend.

She waited for his call.
“Why didn’t he contact me?”

On the last day, she couldn't find him.

She had wondered far from their camp. 
There was no network connection in her phone.
It was getting dark.  
The sounds of wild animals scared her...

Her phone suddenly rang.
It was him.

What do you think happened next? Please share in the comments below.

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  1. You are voicing my thoughts aloud :)

  2. Hope it was NOT some sort of 'Happily lived afterwards'.

  3. I always go dark with these things, so I dread to think really, but it may not be pleasant - a chase through the forest at least.

    Thanks for entering MidWeekFlash.


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