Thursday 26 December 2019

Yes, I Know - It's Year End

The days have gone in a flash,
I know I've been busy & rash.
I can't retrieve what is past,
I know the memories will last.

I sincerely tried to gather lots here.
I know they may not buy me cheer.
No amount of cash or kind-
I know can earn me peace of mind.

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I'm yet to estimate what I have lost.
I know I've paid a heavy cost.
While I indulged in the chase,
I know I paid seconds, hours & days...

In a daze, "Do I know?", I reflect today.
All what I've done, what can I say?
I put in my best, still am round the bend,
Just few more days for this year's end...

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The pretty gift for me awaits me patiently.
I'm ready to accept it with responsibility.
As I accept my gift from myself I understand-
I gift myself a brand new year that'll be grand!

I get set for the upcoming year ahead,
I know I'll feel alive & attain the unsaid.
That hope within me- I rekindle & remind.
Yes, I know & hope- I'll rock the grind!

Poem for Poets United- Year's End, dVerse - Meet the Bar with gift rhymes
& ABC Wednesday - Y for Year & Yes

Happy New Year in advance! How has your year been? 


  1. Yes, it all went by SOOO fast, though some of it was painfully slow as well. I'm happy for the image of the new Year as a 365 page book. May yours be full of creativity.

  2. Cheers and happy new year to you!!!!!

  3. We exist between memories and hopes. May this coming year bring you much happiness. A beautiful poem, Anita.

  4. Yes, whatever over is over, let's rekindle and revise the required. Nice poem.


Your words mean a lot to me.

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