Wednesday 6 November 2019

Authentic Black Beauty

They rejected me outright & treated me like dirt.
I could only pity them, far from getting hurt...
I emerged refreshed by dipping into my private pool,
They still gave their verdict- I am a loser & uncool!

Seeing my skin-colour, they said I'm "black".
They felt they were being "right" & on track.
Correct that I'm black; but, there's more to me.
They can't see the real me- filled with authenticity!

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Each time, they judge me on factors so superficial!
Can they see this Black Beauty, who's so real?
I know my heart and mind is pure, good and kind.
I value honesty & integrity & go through the grind!

They may treat me like a black spider in a web that's black.
Still, I never consider them as my prey & never attack!
Being true to myself & to the world means a lot to me.
Dark thoughts & negativity are never my guests really.
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I'll never fall in their web that they have smartly set.
I'll draw energy from my inner radiance- that's a bet!
They feel my power is "black magic"; just imagine!
I proudly state- I'm authentic Black Beauty & I win!

I am what I am- I wish and pray the world soon accepts this.
Unapologetic authenticity & acceptance will ensure bliss.

Whether I'm a Black Beauty or a White Tiger, I've my fizz!
May the world be a much better place that’s my wish!

What does "black" mean to you? How important is being authentic and true?
Please share your views in the comments below.

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  1. Because I've come to know 'black" in many different ways (and more to come), I've come to see it as survival and integrity, served up with courage and love. And so I'm happy that you challenge yourself and us with this poem, touching a subject so many stay silent about! I especially love: "I could only pity them" through "dipping in to my private pool." And the reversal of the web--who perceives it and who really sets it.

  2. This is incredibly touching, Anita! I have fresh tears welling up in eyes ❤️

  3. I love Susan's comment. Survival and integrity served up with courage and love. Yes. I have never been able to understand racism. Each of us is a human being. It is unfathomable to me that some people treat others so horribly, and think themselves superior while acting hatefully. I love the strength, beauty and truth in your poem.

  4. Your beautiful character shines through in this poem You are right be fearlessly authentic and even if others can't see beyond your colour. Powerful poem. I love this line "I emerged refreshed by dipping into my private pool" Stunning

  5. I like the emphasis on authenticity.

  6. Survival is the key. Glad you have kept your cultural identity

  7. Drawing radiance from one's inner energy is the best way to live. This is an inspiring poem with much power and love. Beautiful, Anita.

  8. Passionate poem. I think you have the right idea. Apologize to no one about who you are.

  9. It's when we learn to love ourselves that we stand tall and thwart the arrows of careless ones who have yet to learn to love themselves and attempt to pull everyone down to their level. Someone told me long ago "First you learn to love yourself" . Wise words!

  10. You sparkle in this poem, Anita. It is filled with a sense of pride.

  11. To me, black means the void full of possibility, the nurturing womb of the mother, the great night sky pin-pointed with stars, the shadow side without which a self would not be complete ... and in people I have always thought black is beautiful, whether hair, eyes, skin, or all three. May your outer beauty and inner radiance both be appreciated!

  12. As an American black, I certainly relate!

  13. Awesome Post!
    Thanks for sharing a great post!


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