Sunday 12 August 2018

The Last Day Of My Life

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How would you react if you came to know-
If there was a divine light/sound to tell you so-
“Today is the last day of your life on Earth”.
Wouldn’t the news be a shock, ending mirth?

Today is the day I have to revel & live,
Today is the day I’ll enjoy; not grieve!
Pending tasks, unfinished stories,
Half-completed-reports, unbalanced peace...

My procrastination & confidence is to blame,
I thought I’ll live long & life will be the same!
The realisation hit me that minutes are ticking,
‘Today is my last day’- I’m helplessly thinking.
WOW: Today Is Your Last Day On Earth

I thought of my b'days & celebrations after my birth.
From birth to death - has my journey been worth?
Has my soul rejoiced? Has it fulfilled its mission?
I was thinking all this near my final destination.

Who will complete all the to-do lists? Any clue?
I felt I had a lot to do; yet clueless what to do...
Writing a note to everyone & bidding bye happily,
And asking forgiveness seemed good to me...

I expressed through a note for my near & dear.
Their value in my life then became clear!
Thank you world for being such a nice place.
Thank you God for your kindness & grace.

All the riches of the world cannot extend my stay,
I’m a tourist on Earth and I have to go away...
On my last day, I made every second count & had fun.
The next day, when I woke up, I earned my lesson!

I pinched myself and felt happy as I was alive!
Life has a purpose - celebrate, learn & thrive!
If everyday I live as though it were my last-
The difference in my life-quality will be vast!

Have you ever felt this way before? What if life ceases and we are 'no more'? 

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  1. Such a profound thought Anita. As rightly mentioned by you we are nothing but tourists. Yet we feel very much at home in this world!

  2. I can resonate with what you have written,nice poem.

  3. 'I'm a tourist on Earth and I have to go away'....All the problems start when we forget this. A good reminder.

  4. Very well written 👍 Anita
    Thanks for sharing

  5. I so relate to the tendency to procrastinate, which I have raised to a fine art. And I KNOW I should be accomplishing this To Do list. I certainly related to your poem. So nice to see you, Anita.

  6. Wow so nice thoughts...our life is very short, we don't know what will happen. Only way to live is to love everyone around us n stay happily. I read this was told by Steve Jobs- u are loved when you are born and people say loving words when you die. You have to manage what is in between☺️

  7. Beautiful post. Makes me want to count my blessings and spread love around. Congratulations on the WOW badge.

  8. Beautiful post Anita, and what a thought process.


Your words mean a lot to me.

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