Monday 25 June 2018

How To Reach Swosti Chilika Resort From Bhubaneswar

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The pristine surroundings of the Chilika Lake make visitors feel at one with nature. Small wonder, Chilika Lake attracts many guests from all over the world- not just humans, avian species too! We have visited the Chilika Lake many times.

Last year, we were very excited to learn about the inauguration of the newest resort in Odisha - the Swosti Chilika Resort in Ganjam district of Odisha. The best thing is that this luxury resort has come up near the Chilika Lake! It is said that only three things should be considered while booking/choosing a property/place-
1. Location,
2. Location,
3. Location!
We love the super location choice by the Swosti group of hotels.
The location beckoned! Swosti Chilika Resort's warm invitation promised us a memorable journey and stay.

One fine morning two months ago, a comfortable vehicle from Swosti Travels picked us from our home in Bhubaneswar.
We travelled 112 kilometres on NH16, from Bhubaneswar to Chilika. The scenic drive took us about 2 hours by car. There are many places of interest on the scenic route from Bhubaneswar to Chilika. I will be sharing about those in another post.

The Swosti Chilika Resort is located at Odia Alapur, Pathara via Gorapali in Ganjam district of Odisha. As we were travelling by road from Bhubaneswar to Chilika, after crossing Narayani Temple gate, we took the left turn at Vejiput village (before the Gorapali toll-gate). We waited for a train to pass at the Kalijai station level-crossing. Then, after a short journey, we reached!
Take a look at this video to see snapshots of our journey to reach the Swosti Chilika Resort:
One can also travel from Vishakhapatnam or Berhampur (Bramhapur) on NH16.
One gets a great view of the Chilika Lake from the top of the ghat. 

One can reach Swosti Chilika Resort by turning right at Gurapalli.
Note- Do not cross the Gurapalli toll-gate.
We took this route the next day after we had visited some places like Jaugada, Potagada, Nirmala Jhara and some other super sight-seeing places.

Whether travelling via Vejiput or Gurapalli, either way, one is greeted by rail-track.
Also, we were told that Blackbucks frequent the fields and the area near the resort.
As a local festival 'Danda Nacha' was on, a good stretch of the 3 kms of village-road was well-decorated by Jhoti/Chitta (Alpana decorations/patterns made on the floors during festivals using a thin paste of rice).
Preparations were on to decorate the floors of the homes as well as the roads!
I clicked some pictures from the car.

 Magnificent roads lead to super places!  

How To Reach Swosti Chilika Resort  

By Car:
One can drive personal car, book a cab, or pre-book a car from Swosti Travels to travel to the resort.

By Bus:
Buses ply regularly on the NH16. One needs to get down at Vejiput or Gorapali toll-gate depending on which place one is travelling from.
Then, one has to travel by resort's car or auto.

By Flight:
Nearest airport is Bhubaneswar, the capital of Odisha.
Then, one has to travel by cab, resort's car or bus.

By Rail/Train:
Nearest train-station is Balugaon in Ganjam district of Odisha.
Most of the trains like Howrah Mail, Yeshwantpur, Guwahati Express, have stoppage at Balugaon in Odisha. Balugaon station is well-connected by train with most of the states in India.
Then, one has to travel by resort's car, bus or auto.

I'll be sharing about my magical experience at the luxurious Swosti Chilika Resort next. 

You’d never believe me if I told you that this is the first time I have felt challenged to blog about an experience, but it’s true and I can prove it. The photographs from my android phone disappeared one fine day and I spent a long time trying to retrieve my trip photos, unfortunately in vain. Thankfully, I had the photos, clicked using other devices, intact and I have used those in this post. My Chilika resort trip was so wonderful that despite writing about it and adding points to my post in my Drafts folder, I felt it can be improvised. Though I'm publishing this post after two months of my trip, the trip memories are still fresh...
Thanks to the invitation of Shri J.K.Mohanty, Chairman of Swosti Group, I loved to explore #OdishaWithSwosti.


  1. Its really good to know about the resort, the description of how to reach is so vivid, readers dont need any further guideline. Pictures describe clearly the beauty of nature to be cherished.

  2. Beautiful place and informative post !!

  3. interesting travel diary thanks to sharing

  4. Informative post with beautiful photos 👍 Thanks for sharing 🙂

  5. Near rustic areas and a beautiful lake. I'd like to hear more about this resort. :)

  6. Beautiful place. Nice to read about the resort.

  7. Lovely post, Apa :) I have had a special connection with chitta jhotis since childhood. As a child, I used to see mummy drawing chitta patterns early in the morning before Sudasha Brata or during Manabasa gurubaars and I used to be mesmerised by her designs. However, at times, it used to get difficult for her to manage everything all alone, especially during Manabasa Gurubaars when she also had to prepare so many pithas for the 3 time bhoga. Gradually I took over the task of drawing jhoti chittas from her, so as to lend a helping hand and that habit has continued to this day. So whenever I am at home and it's some puja, the task of drawing chittas is invariably mine :D I absolutely enjoy drawing chittas.


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