Thursday 1 February 2018

Good Morning WhatsApp Messages

The messaging App that I use most is WhatsApp.
As many of my contacts also use it, it is easy to stay connected.
I am a part of many WhatsApp groups- family, business, events, school, friends etc.
Note: If you are a lover of WhatsApp messages that wish 'Good Morning', 'Good Night', and like to send/forward other such messages and videos, then you may hate this post. 
But, please do read on to learn the other side's point of view...

Many love sending and receiving Good Morning and Good Night messages.
You may argue-
"Why? What's the harm with Good Morning or Good Night messages?
You must consider yourself fortunate that someone thinks of you in the morning/night and feels that you are worthy enough to receive their good and thoughtful messages!"

There are some people who have all the time and interest to share Good Morning messages on WhatsApp, but no courtesy to return missed phone-calls or personal visits!

Here are some reasons why I feel Good Morning/Night messages are not effective/necessary:

Time Necessity
The most important resource in our life is Time. Sending/viewing Good Morning and Good Night messages and other such forwarded videos demand our time and attention. In this fast-paced world, it is a luxury to be able to check all such messages one receives daily.

Phone Memory Space Constraints
The storage space in our smartphones is limited. Unfortunately, the available memory space gets filled up with the scores of such messages and videos one receives daily.

Defeat The Group's Purpose
Some groups, created for a specific purpose, suffer as unrelated messages make the relevant messages get lost in the clutter. Members tend to miss out important messages as Good Morning and such messages crowd the screen-space. Many users do not have the time or patience to scroll the screen.The group's purpose gets diluted.
Too Late!
Sometimes, some people forward their Good Morning message in the afternoon! Many times, the recipients check their messages late and get to check the Good Morning message in the evening/night! Next morning/afternoon, they learn that someone had wished them 'Good Night' the previous night! This has been happening with me for many days now! It may also happen that one gets to check the Good Morning message someone had sent the previous morning! 

Share Sensitive Data
A forwarded video informed about the perils of Good Morning and such messages that can serve as data-stealing and sensitive information-leaking instruments. The video warned viewers to beware and delete unnecessary messages.
Guilty of No Reply
Everyday, we receive scores of such messages. Some send religiously though they get no reply/acknowledgement. However, there are some people like me who feel guilty about not having the time/inclination to respond. Imagine replying to scores of Good Morning messages daily! Needless to say, a major part of the morning or daytime mobile-checking-time will be lost!

Some like me use WhatsApp for work-related as well as personal messages.
Sometimes, just when one is busy writing email, clicking photographs, recording videos, or trying to share some info with interested customers, Good Morning or other messages and videos pop in and affect the flow of work.

Though there are many disadvantages of Good Morning/Night messages, some messages share wit and wisdom and brighten the day.
Need more time to see the "Good" in everything.

 Do you like sending/receiving Good Morning and other forwarded messages? 
Do you feel grateful that someone/so many thought of you?
Do you feel such videos & messages are a distraction?
Please share in the comments below.
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  1. Totally agree with you on this one! I just detest unnecessary forwards...not just gn or gm msgs!

  2. the worst are where people do not even read a message and just forward.. and the GODLY messages..
    its just nuisance..


  3. I wouldn't use it; my life is so cluttered as it is!

  4. Totally agree... I don't need those messages to know a friend is thinking of me ;-)

    Have a splendid ♥-warming ABC-Wednes-day / -week
    ♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫ (team ABC-W)

  5. Good one. Unfortunately, there are still people who can not go to sleep without a good night message forward. Its more annoying when you are member in various groups that has same member fwding. You end up having same message in all groups... ting, ting ting... Agree that we do have ways to mute the notification, but then hey.


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