Monday 3 October 2016

My Perfect Woman

She was like the rainbow- bright & colourful.
Her radiant smile was so powerful & beautiful.
My day became wonderful when I looked at her.
I was her infatuated oddball next-door-neighbour. 

She was warm, gentle & kind with a carefree mind.
I had seen many women, but none were of her kind! 
Simple, perky, doe-eyed, curly-haired, slim & tall,
Picture-perfect & statuesque, she was the best of all!


She held the definition of perfection true to me in every respect. 
I loved her madly- she was the personification of my version of perfect!
Many men of my age too thought she's wife-material & showed interest,
I prayed to God for my perfect woman- may she get the best! 

When she looked at me, did she see the love in my eyes?
Her coy "Hello" & unguarded smile felt lovely & so very nice.
I was shocked when I saw her being a victim of acid-attack that day.
I raced after those men & gave a fight, facing kicks & acid my way...

Her pretty face was disfigured & eyes blinded; I had lost my skin & coat.
I found myself recovering along with her; we were on the same boat.
I snuggled up to her and licked the hands of my perfect woman.
I now had responsibility on my doggy shoulders to do the best I can.

Her neighbour and my owner gifted his dog (that's me!) to her that day.
I 've pledged to be most loyal & always be by her side come what may.
I'm now her notable watch-dog- inseparable friend & guide 24X7.
They may call her- 'that victim of acid-attack'; she's still my perfect woman.  

Why does the idea of perfection change for the world just because the perfect woman has been abused/attacked for no fault of hers? Please share your views in the comments section.
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Three Word Wednesday#500 - Perky, Oddball, Notable


  1. What a beautiful story from the guide dog's point of view.

  2. Although terrible I am glad she has her dog - their love can help heal.. carefully and beautifully told

  3. Aw what a beautiful story of a dog's love.

  4. Beautiful story which narrates faithfulness and love of a dog as well as brutality of human heart became heavy as I visualized the story


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