Saturday 19 December 2015

7 C's of Tata Zica

It was my privilege to be among the first few in India to attend the pre-launch event and experience the #madeofgreat newest car aptly named ZICA - ZIppy CAr from Tata Motors.

It was a Very #Fantastico Zica experienceI loved driving the Zica for about 80 kms on the roads of Goa.

A diamond has 4 C's namely Cut, Carat, Clarity and Colour.

Based on my personal experience, here are the 7 C's of Zica:

7 C's of Zica

1. Comfort - The driving experience is smooth and comfortable. Zica is cozy, yet roomy and spacious both for the front and rear passengers with enough leg-room even for tall people like me. The seats look rich and provide good support and are comfortable. The driver can adjust the height of the seat. Zica is easy to drive. I liked the gear shift indicator for comfortable driving.

2. Convenience -  No losing or hunting for parking-tickets as there is a parking ticket holder that lets us place our parking ticket easily and ready to access! Also, there is a dedicated place to store our tablet safely. 5 litres of water can be stored. There are multiple storage spaces in the Zica- 22 utility spaces! I liked the charging points available- definitely an asset for our Cellphone and other power-hungry devices' battery-life! Two of us could easily fit in the Tata Zica's boot as it has a boot space of 240 litres! 

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3. Connectnext Connection - The intelligent Next-Gen Connectnext  Harman Infotainment system gifts a great audio experience. The smartphone-enabled Turn-By-Turn navigation app is a smart use of technology. However, we did not make use of it as we simply followed the Zica sign-boards placed at strategic positions on the road! I remembered a line from J. R. R. Tolkien's poem- "Not all those who wander are lost". One can never get lost with the Zica connection! I would have loved to explore all the features for a longer duration but for the challenges and paucity of time. I feel there should be a tutorial to explain all such features to newbies.

4. Cutting-edge - Zica presents cutting-edge design and technologyBoth the Interior and Exterior designs of the Zica are impressive. The multi-drive modes - City and Eco deliver a peppy driving experience and fuel economy. At the end of the drive, we had clocked about 80 kilometres in our Zica Petrol car with an average fuel efficiency at 14.9 i.e. nearly 15 kilometres per litre. I was so busy driving, engrossed with the cutting-edge technology that I totally forgot to take photographs of the panel that showed our car's fuel efficiency! Also, I wanted the drive to go on and on!

5. Cool - The air-conditioner is effective and makes the passengers feel cool! There are cool colour variants available. For the first time, I saw a hint of colour inside the interiors of a car. It enchances the look. Zica's multi-function steering wheel is cool. Youngsters will especially love the cool Juke-Car app. Even the Goan lady whom we interviewed described Zica in two words as- "cool car". Brand Ambassador of Zica Tata Motors, Lionel Messi, enhances Zica's cool quotient further.

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6. Commitment - The performance is good as the Zica upholds the Tata trust and commitment. The Zica has been tested for a combined duration of 1,20,000 hours by covering over 2 million kilometres- roughly equivalent to taking 5 round trips to the moon! 

7. Competitive Cost - Tata Motors has not declared the cost of the Zica and wanted our views about the pricing. I request them to price the entry-level model attractively (about Rs 3.9 lakhs i.e. below 4 lakhs) so that it can compete with other cars. With its features, Zica can prove to be the best buy for value-conscious customers.

The 7 C's of Zica - Comfort, Convenience, Connectnext Connection, Cutting-edge, Cool, Commitment, Competitive Cost, make the Tata Zica a winner.

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Source: Tata Motors
No need to go across 7 seas for a great hatchback that fills us with cheer! 
Time to experience the 7 C's in India as Tata Zica will be launched next year!

You can check out more about Zica HERE.
Which feature of Zica do you like the best? Please share your comments below.


  1. Nice concise and creative way to remember the key features of the car. Good post :)

  2. I just read Ajays post and it seems you all had good fun :)

    1. Yes, we did :) Zica event was fun.
      Ajay has a great post about our #madeofgreat #fanstastico experience.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Lovely post! That car really is something

  4. features explained in beautiful manner

  5. Wow, Anita! You are so lucky! Cheerful you in the photographs reveal that you had fun being a part of the event :-) Enjoyed reading...

    The Arts & Me

  6. *enjoyed reading both of the posts - your experience as well as the zica facts...


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  9. Including a new plan dialect and some stylish specs, the Tata Zica is good to go to hit the Indian streets. Perused on for more insights about this new hatchback from the place of the famous vehicle producer.

  10. TATA engines were built up in the year 1945. It began business by assembling trains. The main business vehicle zica was propelled in the business sector in 1954.More information

  11. Tata Safari: Unique product by Tata motors, Tata Safari is the one and only product manufactured and designed completely in India. It has powerful 3.0 L commonrail turbo diesel engine with 5 speed manual gearbox that makes it all-terrain vehicle.

  12. Amazing car, i just want to drive before i dia


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