Friday 21 August 2015

Comments Please!

I know you have read my Post...
Then, why no comment, my Dost?
Time to read, but none for commenting?
Missing your words that are amazing!

Love to share stories, poems & a bit of creativity.
But, hate it when there are no comments- a pity!
Many 'Comments'- Blogger's wildest dream come true!
But, paucity of comments makes writers feel blue!

Though many read posts (Blog's stats reveal!),
Writing a comment is quite another deal!
The reasons of silence may be strange or varied-
Endeavoring to list some here for you to read!

Comments Please!

Some wish their footsteps on our Blog to be invisible,
Coz comments like pimples/beauty-spots are visible!
Others have perhaps landed on our Blog by error,
To post a comment, they can't be expected to bother!

Some are very busy & hate spending extra time to post,
Others might have a train/plane to catch, party/raise a toast!
Some others have nothing nice to say & say nothing!
Some write nothing as no one has written anything!

Some others might be angry that we are yet to visit-
Their blogs & to write comments & increase Blog-hits!
While others may be calm that we are birds of a feather-
None of us have a single comment & flock together!

Intended to comment, but closed our Blog by mistake, Oh dear!
Others had typed out a looong comment that disappeared!
Smartphone battery exhausted or Internet connectivity lost,
Comments Count ZERO & "No Comments" is the costly cost!

Note- No research or field-work done to conjure this!
Made up the above reasons to rhyme; No offence please!
Sincere thanks to all commentators, who've expressed.
Advice, support, encouraging words make me feel blessed.

Why/what you liked or disliked I always love to know,
That helps me now & for the future- as a writer I grow.
Your comments mean a lot to me, so please do share.
By expressing sincere feelings show that you care!

Do not leave without saying what you wanna say!
Feel free to express what's on your mind right away!
Please do share a few words here & make my day! 
I love honest feedback & views coming my way :D

Comments Please! Ye Dil Maange (Heart wants) More!
Comments Please! Comments Love in store! Encore!
Comments Please! Convert poor Hatred to a rich Love state!
Comments Please! Barriers break when people communicate!

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To learn about a 'Dozen Reasons Why A Blogger Comments', do read my post - Votes & Comments.
Please Note- I'll be returning your comments & Blog-visits soon. Do bear with me :)

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  1. Loved it, so leaving a comment. ;)

  2. hahha...i can not go without posting a comment Anita. loved each and every line, and they are so true.

  3. Who will go without leaving a comment dear friend .. Loved it totally :)

  4. I really enjoyed reading your blog, you have lots of great content.
    please visit here for more detail:

  5. Quite a creative idea. So how can one afford not to comment. Enjoyed it.

  6. Great appeal to comment... Here you have one! :)

  7. Beautiful and worthy of a comment! Worthy of hundred comments! :)

  8. So true...we all enjoy comments. And reciprocity. I hope you get them on this. Smiles!

  9. so true so true... :-)
    am paying my respects to your post too :p

  10. Look I have commented as I found this post very sweet.
    Couldn't stop with just this, as I need to share it and tweet :)

  11. Commenting is often a tit-for-tat thing... and yes I try to comment back as much as I can. But at the same time it has to be a meaningful comment, and indeed there can be excuses (valid excuses) but not always, every time.

    This goes well in line with the community rules at dVerse :-)

  12. Just another wordpress comment ;)

  13. Hola!!! This post is too sweet and so hard to resist to comment... how tactful! ;)

  14. Now...this is a lovely post and specially for those who only read and avoid commenting...

  15. Hey what a nice way to put it! Absolutely awesome. So entertaining that its difficult to leave without signing. :-)

  16. to wish people who visit my site wouuld share their opinion on what i is huge morale booster

  17. hahaha... great and lovely creation... beautiful...
    See I am commenting on your post... :-)

  18. Cannot go without commenting Anita! Very exhaustive take!


  19. Wow..Anita! What great creativity:)
    About comments: I do, you no;)

  20. This is so true.. always wonder why people leave without leaving a comment. Well written :D

  21. That's an amusing write - but if I were you, I would have kept a check on it's length such that it keeps the fun element as well as reader's interest.

  22. He he, perfect! I understand the joy of seeing comments, cos it tells us that people have gone through the effort of not just reading the post but to log in and then type a few words. Most people type 'k', 'sup', 'ttyl' on their phones and say that they have done a HUGE reply. But this is bigger than that and makes it more special!

  23. HAHA!.. well..'
    at least wITh me..
    when you wish
    for comments
    be careful what
    you wish for..
    for some..
    very afraid..
    smiles with
    due satire..
    and i shortened
    aVersion of this
    as well for NOW..;)

  24. ha ha :D This was a wonderful read :)

  25. haha.. well written.. loved it, Anita :)

  26. LOL. I am always astonished when ANYONE takes the time to read and comment! I enjoyed this!

  27. no comments is my policy but no more :)

  28. Dekh ke itte saare comments,

    Humaare blog ke posts kar rahe lament,

    Yeha psr hai commenton ki baarish,

    Waha single comment ko taraste post.

    Really nice awakening.

  29. Awesome blend of creativity with reality. Now no one will walk away without a comment coz dis deserves more than a cent.

  30. Liked the weaved in thoughts and the 'comments'

  31. Hey now that i vistied your blog and commented will you visit mine and comment :) he he he he

    I totally agree with writing a comment , and thats how it should be because that is the only way of telling the writer if they have written something good or bad.. which again helps the writer to learn and do better.

    don't believe in likes and shares as majority of those who press the like button don't even read the full post ..

    one of the biggest irks i have is the followers I mean if you are following someone then at least go and read what they are writing and encourgae them , people want to havea a number of followers so they can show off with that number.. there are some followers who never ever visit the blog after that first initial visit :)

    Anyway How are you doing :)


  32. ha ha ha...
    Anita,My dear You are very much right
    Even a small comment brings every blogger/writer much delight :)

  33. Ha ha ha...
    That is really a wonderful way!

  34. OMG u r so talented Anitha .. Beautifully put gal ☺️

  35. Rightly said... I might not be regular into blogging but when I do I surely visit ur posts and never leave without commenting.

  36. forgot to say... please do visit and comment on my new posts.. :)


Your words mean a lot to me.

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