Tuesday 19 May 2015

My Smartphone Buddy

In today's tech-age,Smartphones have an important role to play.

Thanks to them, we're connected, entertained & social night & day!

We all are glued to our smartphones & the cool Apps are fun!

Using & exploring the world of smartphones is our passion!

We can stay in touch 24/7 while travelling or at home.

Smartphones help us make payments, even add to our income!

A platter of choices and a new world is our smartphone's gift!

The presence and assurance of smartphones gives us a lift!

Smartphones serve as our friend & guide- even on the road.

Every corner of the world is within reach & we are never bored!

We find new places to explore & shop & dine anywhere!

With our Smartphone & its Apps, there is no scare!

In this age of technology & science, kids are experts too!

My child loves smartphones & explores like me & you!

Games, Art & learning and doing the new is her passion.

Smartphones help her explore creativity & innovation!

A Girl- Smartphone Art- Created by my daughter

I was proud to find colorful images telling many a story-

The pics created by her & saved in the phone's memory!

As I wasn't aware how to create such pics using my smartphone,

My child patiently explained & gave me a demo after the lesson!

She had also created pretty collage using our pics happily,

I was impressed & inquired how I can do the same instantly!

Now I am a lot wiser and am attempting all what she has taught me!

One has to be smart to use the features of Smartphones smartly!

A Bright Girl - Smartphone Art- Created by my daughter
Smartphones have some excellent apps that add value.

Info & downloading the cool apps makes sense for me and you.

The Myntra app lets us choose what we wish from a wide variety of fashion.

Our Smartphone must have it for us to pursue our shopping passion!


  1. We really cannot think of a life without them, anymore, can we?

  2. I agree with Cookie Crumbs...I don't know how I ever managed to communicate, travel, etc. without my Smartphone.

  3. Yeah they are a part of our life already. i wonder how we managed to live without a smartphone these many years..:P
    nice doodles.. cheers to your daughter. :)

  4. The artworks by your daughter are lovely and so is the poem by you!
    Smartphones have changed the definition of phone in our lives as you said in the poem... Nice to know about the Myntra app :)

  5. My phone has literally become a part of my like and me, can't function without it

  6. oh yes smart phones are becoming a necessity now .. I do a lot of work on mine now but they are also becoming a pain.. everyone is on the phone all the time :(


  7. A different type of creativity. Liked it.

  8. The drawings are too good (especially the colour combination)
    I think these phones have become a necessary evil.

  9. True! Smartphone has become a part of our lives now and you have written a lovely poem for it. Your daughter's drawing are too cute Anita :)


Your words mean a lot to me.

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