Friday 3 November 2023

Indians Travel Visa Free

Some nations like Sri Lanka and Thailand are now allowing visa-free travel for Indians.

Earlier some nations did not allow Indians and had restrictions- "Dogs and Indians not allowed."

Now, Indians are being accorded so much respect and being invited.

Tourism plans are being shaped around Indians.

A lot of excitement and happiness can be seen in the social media posts of many Indian travel lovers.

Look at the number of likes this post has earned!

Many have been planning a trip for long.

Covid played spoil-sport and spoiled and foiled many travel plans.

Now, "revenge tourism" is back with a vengeance.

News and announcements like waiving off visa fees will surely lure some enthusiasts.

Thailand visitors can save almost Rs 5100 per visa- 

I visited Sri Lanka and Thailand more than a decade ago.

I won trips to both nations as the winner of two contests.

I truly admired their tourist-centric and tourist-friendly approach.

I found certain similarities in both nations.

Apart from being grounded in culture and reflecting pride, both Sri Lanka and Thailand put in efforts to forge emotional connections, wow the tourists, and extract the latter's dollars/local currency.

I can say the same for some other South East Asian nations that I have visited.

Then, what sets our nation apart? Can we boast of the same do-and-do heart-warming and inspiring positive spirit?

Why Indians are travelling to other nations when they have not even seen what is in their own city or district or even the neighbouring state!

While we hand over our currency to other nations that are barely the size of some of our states, their tourism and economy grow.

How about being a tourist in our own nation and travelling to our states?

India offers a unique, rich and varied cultural experience with beautiful places.

Our incredible India has "unity in diversity". We can see so much here- from snow to sand and all things grand!

Do you know our India's "Palace On Wheels" has earned second place as "The World's Best Train Trip" in the 2023 Conde Nast Traveler Readers' Choice Awards?

Heartening to see that the world is choosing India in the polls.

Travel within India is always visa free! And yes, a passport is also not needed!

Let's see some excitement for vocal for local visa-free and passport-free travel from Indians.

Which state of India is on your wish list?

You are most welcome to visit our Indian states.

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