Monday 26 June 2023

True Or Views Of a Few?

 Sunday Times edition dated June 25, 2023 had this question on the cover page-

"True or views of a few?"

Sunday Times is the Sunday edition of the Times of India- "India's largest English newspaper".

Times of India is "India's Most Trusted Newsbrand."

The question in question here made me think of all the possible answers.

Many times, views of a few have been imposed on the vast majority.

Over the years, those views and those cunning stories and concocted tales have been accepted as the reality.

Truth has gone for a toss, and people do not even know or realise or bother about their loss!

Leading media have been publishing wrong information based on the previous fake news or incorrect data.

For example, the recent Manchester Marathon- Khandua Saree worn by Marathon-runner Ms Madhusmita Jena Das. Despite corrections being made, updates have been few, wrong info exists on cyberspace and the saree is still being erroneously referred to as- "Sambalpuri Bandha".

Rasagola (Rasgulla) has been a part of the age-old cultural tradition of Shreemandira i.e. the Shree Jagannatha Temple, Puri, Odisha.

Though information about this is being shared and Rasagola Dibasa i.e. Rasgulla Day is being observed, many are either unwilling to accept or are unaware and continue to share wrong information viz. attributing the Portuguese with Chhena origin!

Much has been already shared on these topics.

There are a lot of social media posts and blog posts online.

But, who bothers about what is true?

The views of the powerful few trend and survive and thrive.

Propaganda has its own life that crushes the truth.

The cover page of Sunday Times had these words of caution-

"The internet is full of facts and fakes. 

Spotting the difference between the two can be tricky. 

So, before you believe any information online, know a little more about it."

"Hit Pause" 

"Stay safe online"

"Keep a few tips on your fingertips-

  • Spot the signs of manipulation
  • Evaluate credibility
  • Share only when you are sure"

 This has been issued in public interest by- Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, YouTube,  Stay Safe Online & G20. They are all a part of this campaign to drive cyber safety awareness 🤝

#HitPause program is a digital literacy effort, to educate users on how to spot and evaluate misinformation & share information responsibly online.

Much needed initiative and wise words shared to create timely awareness.

In this advanced age of technology, much misinformation, misappropriation etc reigns.

Who knows what is right? Who can pick it from what is wrong? 

We have a tendency to accept whatever is shared by the media.

However, the credibility takes a hit when we are a part of the event/occasion.

When it comes to our own story, we find serious mistakes. Then, can contemplate for the rest!

How accurate is the news?

Yet, people hit the share button the moment they spot something that catches their fancy. 

Reasoning and logic goes for a hike! Soon concerned video finds "likes" and "shares" gaining a spike!

 Page 2 of the Sunday Times also has the same campaign with three influences sharing these tips-

To stay safe online, hit pause.

1. Don't rely on headlines alone. Know the full story.

Headlines often capture attention, but might not capture the complete information. Therefore, it's crucial to know the full picture before you form an opinion or make a decision.

2. Trust only the real experts.

Before you follow anyone's advice, know a little more about them. Do your research, learn about their qualifications, and verify their credentials.

3. Handle your share with care.

Sharing content impulsively can be dangerous. Review the information and your own intentions before you spread the word.

Let us all be responsible and tale care of the above points and more.

What do you feel? 

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