Thursday 22 June 2023

Full Time Live Maid

Today, I found a request post in a Facebook group that I am a part of. 

Usually, many of us are part of many online groups, but unable to participate in group-discussions.

I do not even check the group activity most of the times. I chanced across the said post a short while ago and now that I think of it, this was for a reason.

White letters on a pink background always look pretty and attractive.

But, after reading the words expressed, I am left wondering and pondering about life.

I am sure this mother's son, who has been an active member of the FB community and who has posted this message, has his own reasons. Perhaps, it is their family's joint decision.

We all have our reasons for acting or behaving in a certain way. Nobody and no way is perfect.

Agree that we cannot judge anyone without wearing their shoes or knowing what they are going through.

Social media does not give the full picture.

Both the mother and the son's phone numbers are provided in the post, which means that they both consent to this.

I cannot get myself to dial their numbers and speak to either or both, and try to learn the reality.

As I have already mentioned before, I am no one to judge anyone's actions.

However, this quote is also true- 

"Actions speak louder than words".

The son has taken multiple actions- 

1. Decided that his mother has to be a "full-time live maid"

2. Advertised about her availability for the position

3. Replied to all the relies and queries 

4. Shared their (both his and his mother's) names and contact numbers

Considering the smart and tech-savvy son in question, had he not wished his mother- "Happy Mother's Day" last month?

He had surely sent her one or two forwarded "I love you Mom or Happy Mother's Day" messages on WhatsApp in May, right?

Just a month later, in June, his mother is an object to be employed at some other family's place?

Mother is to be dumped with others who can be responsible and provide for her?

The birth of a son is much welcome in our country- that includes all the states and union territories. 

Sons are supposed to be the "sahara" - the ones who will support their parents in their old-age.

All mothers carry their children in their wombs for so many months with so much love and so many hopes and aspirations.

What do some mothers get in return in their old-age or when there are bad times?

This is Kali Juga / Kali Yuga. The times are bad.

The message mentions "Odia" as it has been written by an Odia son. Plus, it was shared in an Odia Facebook group.

But, isn't this pan-Indian? Other languages groups may have similar posts? 

If not via posts, there may have been personal and direct requests for such employment that some of us may unfortunately be aware of? 

Geographical area no bar...

The 2003 Hindi movie- "Baghban" - dealt with the pains of the parents played by eminent actors- Shri Amitabh Bachchan and Smt Hema Malini. Despite having three "own" sons, they receive terrible treatment in the movie; the "adopted" son and his wife treat them well. Thankfully, the movie has a happy end with the parents deciding to disown their children.

Of course, pan-India there are many mothers who have decided for themselves and are working as "nanny" and "full time live maid". 

"Jab Maa-Beta raazi, to kya karega kaazi?" - What can the judge do when the mother and son have agreed/decided? (Changing the words of a popular Hindi saying that refers to husband and wife instead of mother and son.)

I write this post with a heavy heart, tears in my eyes, and with many questions in my mind.

My mother's kind and smiling face is in front of me now.

God has taken away my mother more than a decade ago.

If she had been around, would I ever impose or even allow her to think, leave alone decide, on such a position for herself?

What about you? Would you allow this with your mother?

Please share your views.


  1. Since he put the ad on behalf of his mother, they must have discussed about it. We don’t know the family situation. At least, the son was kind enough to place this ad on behalf of his mother.

    1. Son is truly an agyaankari cultured son who perhaps has listened to the wishes of his mother?
      Which mother will like to stay as a caretaker of another family by leaving behind her own son? I thought all mothers will do anything to stay with their own sons.

  2. Your blog post writing prematurely blames the son. That may be true. On the other hand, who knows, the mother may be an independent arrogant person. We don't know. There is a Tamil saying

    “kannal parpathum khadal ketpadhum poi ; theera visaripathey mei”.

    English Translation: Eyes and ears deceive; in-depth analysis reveals truth.

    1. Yes, even I have mentioned in my post that we are no one to judge as we do not know the reality.
      Our choices and actions reveal a lot.
      May all be happy.

      Thanks for sharing the Tamil saying. Certainly wise.


Your words mean a lot to me.

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