Monday 10 April 2023

What Happened This Women's Day and Holi

Women are celebrated mostly in the month of March.

Why? International Women's Day is on March 8th.

All are reminded of the accomplishments of women on International Women's Day. 

Women have shaped and play an important role in shaping our culture and society. They must be celebrated everyday.

Brand advertisements target women and men.

This year, in 2023, we celebrated Holi and Women's Day together as both were on the same date.

There were extra advertisements- some combined both women and Holi.

There were some negative incidents.

Issues get viral in no time these days thanks to social media.

Social media had a Holi overdose. 

Some of the posts about the treatment to women left much to be desired.

Our nation was unfairly in spotlight with foreigners in the midst of unholy situations.

Many scolded our colourful festival and incredible India.

As an Indian citizen, I felt terribly embarrassed, upset, and angry.

Who is to be blamed?

Are crimes against women owing to the festivals?

Or are they because of the sickening mentality and complacent attitude that some can get away with anything?

What happened?

Are we learning from what happened?

My post was published in Women's Web here-

The Shameful, Unholy Hooliganism Splashed All Over Social Media This Holi

(Note- As per their email, this post is one of the 10 most read posts published in March 2023 on their website.)

May there be no such hooliganism in the future.

Let there be colours of happiness and safety.

I feel it is our responsibility to do our very best and uphold our values and nation.

What do you feel? Please share your views below.

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