Thursday 12 January 2023

Stuck On The Runway

Who likes to be stuck?

No one wants to be stuck in traffic-jam, lift, crowd etc…

Getting “stuck on the runway” is not what any of us would prefer.

Yet, this is what has happened yesterday as many flights got grounded and many got cancelled.


Due to a computer outage. 

This image published in today’s (January 12, 2023) edition of the BusinessLine states how many flights were delayed and cancelled due to the computer outage at the Federal Aviation Administration.

As we outsource our important tasks to computers and hope that all will continue in clockwork fashion and precision, not all is well all the time.

It is high time the brains that have created computers think about their inventions. 

How safe are we in the hands of technology? 

While nowadays, many use devices to keep their “hands free”, technology has captured our minds and our hands are never really free as most of the time there is the gadget and the accompanying typing or scrolling.

The eyes are also glued and the ears are constantly tuned in. The brains are busy in digital consumption.

Of course, some technologically rich and smart brains have created all these wonders.

There are some others capable of figuring out what has gone wrong and in restoring services.

Thanks to them, the flight services were restored.

So, what had truly gone wrong?

This needs to be the matter of research-study and all nations must be aware. 

As the scientific inventions and discoveries increase, so will the accompanying ease and challenges. 

We have to pay a price for everything we do or not do.

In this particular aircraft’s grounding case, as per a news report in the same edition of the BusinessLine-:

“American aviation regulator, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has proposed that aircraft upgrade their altimeters to avoid interference in the C-band with the 5-G network.”

Interference is a serious issue and must be immediately attended to. We can spare the world painful air-accidents 

“Prevention is better than the cure.”

Department of Telecommunications (DoT) of India has prohibited operators from setting up 5G Towers within 2.1 kilometres of any airport.

When initially 3G and 4G were launched, I was appalled to find the death of many honey-bees.

I understood that there has been an electronic-wave connection in such widespread death of the poor creatures. 

The honey-bees and other creatures like them were happy in their natural surroundings. Man is the one who has been responsible for encroachment and direct and indirect impact on the biosphere, and all associated.

Man has been the primary source of “interference”.

Hope we take care and avoid such interference as much as possible.

Wishing everyone a safe journey in this flight ✈️ of life. 

Fasten your seat-beats!

May no one be stuck anywhere. May all have a smooth Happy 2023 😊🎊

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  1. I shudder whenever I think about the absolute power that computers have over us. Add AI and ML to that, and its a nightmare at times, I tell you.


Your words mean a lot to me.

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