Wednesday 21 December 2022

The Christmas Tree

It had been a terrible year for Mary.

She had lost her entire family some months ago.

Mary had not quite recovered from the shock.

Her neighbours tried to pay her visits.

They could see she was a far shadow of her former bubbly self...

Christmas cheer was all around.

But, the whole street knew that Mary was not going to celebrate Christmas that year.

Photo Prompt- Dale Rogerson

They got together and installed a well-lit and decorated Christmas Tree right outside her home.

A little girl rang her doorbell.

Mary opened the door.

The lights of the Christmas Tree shone in Mary's eyes.

100 words fiction for Friday Fictioneers.

What happens next? Do you think this Christmas will usher hope and cheer for Mary?

Festive greetings to all and wishing all lots of happiness. 


  1. That may be the last thing Mary will appreciate

  2. Dear Anita,

    It was nice of them to try to cheer her up.



  3. Sending a little girl to ring Mary's doorbell was, of course, a stroke of genius :)

  4. What wonderful neighbours she has...

  5. The line just before the image generates a feeling of dread, and such sorrow for Mary. I'm glad it ended on a positive note.

  6. I felt so sad for Mary, but it ended on a positive note at least.

  7. A wonderful story of love and caring. Maybe that will get Mary to open up and cry surrounded by friends.

  8. What a sweet story! Tis the season to spread goodwill, and they did.

  9. It is very nice of Mary's neighbors to cheer her up.

  10. Let's hope she appreciated their thoughtfulness.

  11. A kind-hearted and uplifting story. Nicely done.

  12. What started off as a sad story about loss has turned into one of hope. Beautifully done, Anita. Mary's neighbors are showing the true Christmas spirit. Have a Merry Christmas!



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