Friday 16 July 2021

Hera Panchami - When Maa Lakshmi Is Angry

Puri Dham is one of the most important places of visit for Hindus.
A rich cultural history and many festivals including the world-famous Ratha Jatra are associated with this holy place. 

Puri Dham is called the Shree Kshetra and the Shree Jagannatha Temple is called the Shreemandira.
Shree means Goddess Lakshmi. 
This shows Her importance.
She is the wife of Shree Jagannatha, the Lord of the Universe.

Many wrongly think that Ratha Jatra is a one-day festival and the festivities end that day. 
The journey starts on the second day of the bright fortnight of Asadha (month in Hindu/Odia calendar) that is celebrated as Ratha Jatra. 
The Ratha Jatra is also called Nabadina Jatra (nine-day journey). 

On the ninth day, Bahuda Jatra is held.
However, that is not the end of the Ratha Jatra.

Actually, the Ratha Jatra festivities come to an end on the twelfth day of the commencement of the journey. 
Niladri Bije ritual marks the completion of their journey with the deities entering the Shreemandira.

There are many traditions and significant centuries-old rituals are done.

On the fifth day of the Ratha Jatra, there is the Hera Panchami tradition.
Today is Hera Panchami.
"Hera" means "to see".
This evening, Maa Lakshmi will visit Shree Gundicha Temple to see Shree Jagannatha.
What does She do there?

This writer's article about Hera Panchami along with some Ratha Jatra rituals was published as editorial in the Speaking Tree dated June 27, 2020, that happened to be the Hera Panchami of the Ratha Jatra 2020!

On Niladri Bije, Shree Jagannatha gifts Her Rasagola.
Why does He do that?

We celebrate it as Rasagola Dibasa and use the hashtag- #RasagolaDibasa
This year, it is on July 23.
Do join in the celebration.

Despite Odisha's ancient link with Rasagola, Odisha is yet to earn her due.
There is a lot of misinformation and propaganda regarding Rasgulla.
Note- Rasgulla is a Hindi word and means the same as Rasagola.

Let us talk about Rasagola and end the Rasgulla debate.

#LetsTalkRasagola & #EndRasgullaDebate.

Requesting all to use hashtags and to share information and make everyone aware.

Key Ratha Jatra Dates this year:

Ratha Jatra- 12 July 2021

Hera Panchami- 16 July 2021

Bahuda Jatra- 20 July 2021

Suna Besha- 21 July 2021

Adharapana- 22 July 2021

Niladri Bije- #RasagolaDibasa- 23 July 2021


  1. Thanks for explaining us this 9-day festival. Appreciate it very much.

    1. Thanks. Tomorrow is the ninth day- Bahuda Jatra.
      You can watch it LIVE on some channels.

      Actually, the Ratha Jatra usually gets over on the 12th day- Niladri Bije- with the final offering of Rasagola by Shree Jagannatha to Maa Lakshmi.
      We celebrate it as #RasagolaDibasa.


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