Thursday 8 October 2020

Trade Secret

The owner was shocked to see her sweet-shop. 

What was all the mess?

Who had broken into her shop?

PHOTO PROMPT - Sandra Crook
Her locker had been stolen! 

No, it did not have any cash.

It had something more valuable- 

A secret sweet-dish recipe in her grandmother's own handwriting. 

Her shop was famous for the same sweet. 

Police investigation showed that the CCTV footage had been tampered.

It seemed like it was the job of an insider; but was it?

The thief had stolen her Trade Secret, but it was in a secret code-language.

She was sure the thief could never decipher or learn!

100 words story for the Friday Fictioneers

Are you aware of "Intellectual Property Rights" (IPR)? 

Trade Secret is a type of Intellectual Property (IP). I am deeply concerned with the growing cases of IP theft. 

Why can't people think of their own ideas? Why steal others' works? What do you feel?


  1. How horrible to have something so precious stolen. There are horrible people in the world...

  2. I hope she's right and that the thief can't decipher the recipe. I hope, too, that she can remember it accurately herself.
    I think intellectual property is like any form of property, and its theft should be punishable by law.

  3. It's sad that we need to have these kind of laws in the first place.

  4. There will always be thieves. We can only make it harder for them, but that's all, sadly.

  5. Well that will teach the thief!
    Reminds me of the time I had a pair of prescription sunglasses stolen in a shop. I was furious but also pleased that the thief would not be able to comfortably wear them!

    Susan A Eames at
    Travel, Fiction and Photos

  6. Dear Anita,

    Some people have no morals whatsoever.



  7. I'm sure she knows the recipe by heart. A sweet story Anita!

    Here's mine!

  8. Saved by the secret code language. That makes her a smart cookie :-)

  9. A priceless memory on a piece of paper but still hers to treasure.
    The scoundrels probably won't appreciate it at all. Lovely story about
    family treasures. Have a great day … Be Safe
    Isadora ��

  10. Humans are a mixed bag of tricks. Integrity is in ever-shorter supply. I'm glad she thwarted the thieves with the coded recipe. Hoping she had made it enough times to know it by heart or has saved a backup copy somewhere.

  11. That is a very sad tale. Losing something that cannot be priced...

  12. I am sure the owner must have mastered the reciepe:)


Your words mean a lot to me.

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