Wednesday 12 August 2020

Cupid Is Mine!

Rizy walked into the Gifts Shop.

As she started looking at the stuffed-toys, the salesman handed a sweet Cupid with bow and arrows.

Rizy loved it!

Hugging the toy, Rizy said, "Cupid Is Mine!"

Pic- Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

She proceeded to pay.

The shopkeeper accepted the cash without a word.

Rizy walked out.


Minutes later, Freya entered and started looking at the same toys section. 

As none attended her, she went to the salesman. 

"Cupid is Mine!" she whispered. 

Those were the code words!

The salesman realized his folly.

Freya was identically dressed as Rizy- cherry-red top, chocolate-brown trouser and with electric-blue bag...

100 Words story for Friday Fictioneers

This was clearly a case of mistaken identity. What secret did the Cupid contain? 

What do you think happened after this? Do share in the comments below.


  1. Well, Freya is going to have to hunt down Ritzy and kill her

  2. Dear Anita,

    Seems to be about more than a toy. Nicely done.



  3. lol, after reading Tannille's story of Greek gods and goddesses, seeing the Roman god Cupid and the Norse goddess Freya, I think something supernatural has to be going on ;) I think Woden must have sent Rizy in to spoil Freya and Aphrodite's plot...

  4. That's an unfortunate coincidence, Rizy and/or Freya could be in some serious trouble now.

  5. Uh oh! Now you've left me wondering! Will there be a sequel next week?

    Susan A Eames at
    Travel, Fiction and Photos

  6. Somebody made a mistake. Depending on what was in that toy, the issue might be fatal.

  7. The 3rd clone, the real agent, showed up and had a shoot-out with the 2nd one. They both lay in rubble afterwards. The clerk had a heckuva time cleaning up the mess. The codes were used by the bad guys to build an unstoppable death ray aimed at the moon.

  8. Oh oh, poor Rizy may lose more than Cupid if Freya finds her ...

  9. I fear Ritzy is about to unintentionally become involved in something dodgy!

    Here's mine!

  10. What an excellent story, or writing prompt. Now we all want to know. That's the point, right? Well done.

  11. I have a horrid feeling Rizy is in danger.

  12. Oh dear. The shop owner failed in his job, so his life may be forfeit. Rizy now has the important information, so her life is probably forfeit. And if Freya doesn't find Rizy, her life may be in danger as well. One careless mistake resulting in lots of misery!


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