Wednesday 8 January 2020

Dropped From Heaven

A billionaire's party was on by the pool side.
Food and drinks made the rounds.

"It is going to rain," she remarked.
The host overheard her. 

"No, it won't rain", he wished to say.

The ethereal sunset and clouds seemed to support his views.
He wanted to question her sanity.

The very next moment, there was a thick cloud-cover.
Large drops fell on his face.
There was a heavy rainfall.
Everyone scurried inside.
He saw her enjoying the rain.
He was convinced she was insane.

He remembered the last time he had done the same.

100 words story for Friday Fictioneers

Do you feel that we are all insane in our own sane ways?
Do you agree with the saying - "appearances are deceptive"?


  1. I think everyone is sane to themselves. Others might not see it the same way!

  2. If he holds to his views despite the evidence, which one of them is insane?

  3. Nothing like dancing in the rain.

  4. I'm with her. Dance in the rain and enjoy it.

  5. Doesn't sound as though she's mixing in the right circles for her.

  6. Are you, perhaps, implying that the billionaire made his fortune partly as a result of thinking unconventionally?

  7. I enjoy the rain on my face now - ever since my cataract operation I don't wear glasses!

  8. Perhaps she had a magical power that could turn rain on and off like a tap. No? Just a thought!

  9. She can enjoy what comes her way, maybe he can relearn that.

  10. She has more insight and less inhibition than him.
    Typical man
    Untypical woman!😊


Your words mean a lot to me.

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