Wednesday 14 August 2019

Frequently Freaky

They were looking for a governess to manage their home and were happy when Maruti joined.
A short and fair woman, Maruti was very efficient with her work.
But, things never remained the same after she joined...

They wondered why there were frequent storms.
The drastic weather change was a point of concern.
Their tent got blown away.
PHOTO PROMPT © Jan Wayne Fields
When their new tent also got damaged, there was niggling doubt and fear.

Can a person influence nature?
They found the answer when Maruti was away for two weeks for her annual holiday.
The marked change in weather was strange but true.

Do you believe that a person can be responsible for the weather? Do share in the comments below.
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  1. Dear Anita,

    Bad things happen to good people.



  2. She sounds like something of a liability.

  3. I'm left wondering why Maruti would want to influence the weather, and why she would send them bad weather?! Quite a mystery.

  4. I think it's time to send her off on her way...

  5. Oh dear, Mary Poppins with a twist!

    Susan A Eames at
    Travel, Fiction and Photos

  6. Sorry, no, I don't believe it. But it makes a good story :)

  7. LOL. This would be a good episode of Syfy show.

    My ABC Wednesday

  8. Ooooh, a much darker version of Mary Poppins!

  9. The antithesis of Mary Poppins! Good stuff.

  10. I didn't think people could influence the weather - until I read this! Someone's clearly got it in for me today judging by the rain I'm having to endure

    My story - Gail's Gazebo!

  11. Fun story and interesting thought. My family and I have a joke amongst us that wherever we travel in the world, bad weather follows. We've found ourselves in devastating typhoons, F5 tornadoes, unseasonal snow storms, and more. I think it's just coincidence, but you never know?? =)

  12. Seems like a ghoststory to me, very creepy to recognize things as being part of eachother

    Have a heartwarming en splendid ABC-Wednes-day / -week
    M e l o d y (team ABC-W)

  13. There's something supernatural going on in a person for her to control the weather. I wonder why the family has bad karma.

  14. Imagination has no bounds!

  15. Hey. we lost power for 15 hours last night/this morn because of bad weather. Don't send her here again!


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