Wednesday 19 June 2019

Fellow Passengers

He was glued to his phone in the airport when he dashed against a fellow passenger.
Picking up her boarding-pass, he noticed her Indian name - "Roopa Dev".
Apologetically handing it over, he saw that she strikingly resembled his fiance, Natasha.
PHOTO PROMPT - Rochelle Wisoff-Fields
As Roopa walked away, Natasha came alive in his mind.
They were to get married some years ago.
She went for a trip to the Himalayas.
He was devastated to hear the news that Natasha had perished in a bus-accident there.
Her body was never recovered...
Was Roopa his Natasha?
He called her name aloud – “NATASHA!”

Roopa turned back.

Was she his fiance? What do you think? Do share in the comments below.

100 words story for Friday Fictioneers


  1. Perhaps the yelling made her turn.

    Great story that could be expanded...

  2. Amnesia or an escape from him?

  3. Yes, or she wouldn't have turned around. The mystery of her motives is another story :)

  4. Dear Anita,

    No doubt in my mind Roopa and Natasha are one and the same. I'd say she has some explaining to do.



  5. Oh yes, she is most definitely Roopa! The real question is why!? I'd love to hear her motives.


  6. Ooh, a mystery. It'd make a good story if she was. Or, maybe Natasha is also the name of Roopa's long lost sister whose she's been searching for and now this guy and Roopa will form a bond out of coincidence. :) Nice leaving it on an uncertain note.

  7. "Why do you call me Natasha?", she asked, turning around.
    The name sounded familiar. Answering to it felt - familiar, somehow.
    "Oh, no! I thought it was you. I am so sorry!
    Great start to a longer piece, and a very tantalising piece of flash fiction.

  8. I suspect it's her and I imagine she scurried away as fast as she could...or maybe not!

    My FriFic tale!

  9. Fate brought them back together for a reason...

  10. Great little mystery Anita :-)

  11. Yes she turned back. I think it was her. Great story!

  12. They sure seem like one and the same...

  13. Wow, great suspense. I think Natasha wasn't ready to marry (maybe) and bumping into him at the airport wasn't an accident. Just thinking. 😀

  14. Haha! That was an unexpected and delightful end.

  15. Intriguing - but why did she walk away at first?

  16. No, it wasn't her fiance -- but Roopa did know Natasha, and the real reason she died

  17. Can't be amnesia if she remembers her name, can it? I suppose she ran away of something or someone, maybe him?


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