Thursday 17 May 2018

Happiness Perfume

I was gifted this tiny bottle wrapped with love,
As I gingerly opened it, there was a note for me-
"Hope this adds to your enchanting treasure-trove!
I wish you a whiff of magic & may you live happily!"
Image by Emergency Brake via Flickr/Creative Commons.
(Image by Emergency Brake via Flickr/Creative Commons.)
This bottle of perfume was magical & extraordinary!
I opened it and experienced a magical transformation!
Smelling it made me happy & things looked hunky-dory!
Like opium, it worked its magic & became my addiction!

They saw my face dazzled like diamonds; I had the glow!
What was my untold story? They wanted me to reveal!
Happiness makes everyone beautiful, they didn't know!
If they knew I had the secret bottle, what would they feel?

I discovered my magic bottle; but have you done the same?
No 'thing' or 'person' can give happiness; it's our reaction!
Happiness is within us; the secret is to power its flame!
Let us all love & value happiness & make it our obsession!

Do you love the fragrance of happiness? What makes you happy? Do share in the comments below.
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  1. Happiness is within us
    the secret is to power its flame

    Very true Dr Anita! Happiness is accorded when one can control its path!


  2. Yes, yes happiness is always within us. Very true. I like how the rhyme works too.

  3. Indeed...happiness has a certain scent... though i think it's very different for every person.

  4. Ah....I do believe happiness is a choice....albeit a very difficult one at times. Would that we could all have a small bottle within our pocket, and at those most difficult times, just take it out, pull the stopper, and take a whiff! I like this idea :)

  5. I love the idea of carrying this metaphorical bottle of perfume. I think I'll put some in my pocket right now!

  6. loved how you did this prompt...those little bottles of happiness are a treasure

  7. Nice line about powering the flame of happiness.

  8. Happiness within...the best elixir of all! Well said.

  9. Happiness is in all creatures! Even my cat has her moments of happiness I can see it in her eyes and manner. All we need to do is let it happen.

  10. I think I was given my "happy bottle" in childhood by parents who knew the true value of things. I absolutely loved your poem!

  11. So wonderfully said Anita. Happiness is certainly something we find from within.

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