Wednesday 21 March 2018

When The Dead-end Began

She said she loved him more than anything or anyone in this world.
But, his wealthy family didn’t care.
They had fixed his wedding with her best-friend, an heiress.
It was more like a business deal.
Having no reason to live, she climbed up the highest peak near their city. 
PHOTO PROMPT © Bj√∂rn Rudberg
A sign warned her of the dead-end.
A downward glance apprised her of what lay ahead.
Her phone rang.
She received it seeing her doctor’s name.
Was it the conversation or was it the height that made her giddy?
Feeling responsible for the new life in her, she began afresh.

How do you deal with a dead-end? Should we allow life to end or to begin and then let it mend? Do share in the comments below.

100 words story for the Friday Fictioneers


  1. you saved her. I wasn't sure you would

  2. Bittersweet ending. At least she has something to look forward to in life now.

  3. Dear Anita,

    I'm heaving a huge sigh of relief. Nicely done.



  4. Fate that the call saved them both at that moment. Nicely symbolic.

  5. Woah! That's going to cause consternation among her beloved's family. Will they be able to go ahead with the wedding once they know that she's carrying his child? Perhaps things aren't completely hopeless after all!

  6. You kept the tension perfectly throughout the story. I was sure she was going to jump. Thank you :)

  7. Lovely story, well told, your ending is great. Well-timed call from the doctor's office, as it turned out. I put my full name at the end of these posts because the system doesn't seem to let me choose anything but anonymous. I don't want to miss the chance to put my comment though. Jilly Funnell, Sugar on the Bee.

  8. rescued in the last second - such a nice ending. and sad when love is denied for such stupid reasons.


  9. Nice ending. I wasn't expecting this. I thought the guy will come and save her, but that would've been too much bollywood masala ;)

  10. To have a reason to live is what counts in the end... I would love a part where the groom also comes back...

  11. You described what was going through her mind perfectly. I really didn't see that ending coming. Excellent.

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  12. Phew! Saved at the last minute and life begins again.

  13. Really great story. Suspenseful to the end.

  14. I am glad that she found something to live for.


Your words mean a lot to me.

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