Monday 24 July 2017

Cycle Of Birth And Death

You left me here without saying goodbye,
I know not where you went & how & why...
I screamed out loud hoping you'll hear me,
Despite my best efforts, I failed miserably...

They tried to reason with me fearing I'll go mad,
They couldn't fathom how much I was sad.
"Love makes the world go crazy", they said.
Earning back my loved ones was in my head.

I resolutely set out with a purpose that rainy day.
Clouds, Wind, Rain, Lightning...came my way.
The rainy-clouds thundered & showered their grace.
I didn't wipe the tears & raindrops from my face.

I walked till the rainbow bridge's other side,
As God welcomed me to heaven, like a child I cried...
Pots of gold/diamonds can't give that happiness-
Greeting & hugging loved ones & feeling blessed...

To God I put forth my demand -"WANTED:
All my loved ones- ALIVE and not dead".
God said kindly, "That's everyone's demand!
But, there's a lot that you are yet to understand-

Please do note all my dear children on Earth!
There are reasons why you exist & exit post birth...
The cycles of birth and death are inevitable for all,
Can't bring anyone back no matter how much you call..."

I woke up on my bed with a start seeing bright light,
Was it just a dream and not reality that rainy night ?
I was dying to meet my loved ones & had died to do so...
In my wet clothes I was back from the other side of the rainbow...

Do you wish to go to the other side of the rainbow bridge and bring your loved one back? Do share in the comments below.

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If you could bring back someone from the other side of the rainbow bridge for just one day, would you do that?#defeatingdeathforaday

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  1. I think that is what most would want? Yet it is not to be, no one comes back. And when we go, it will be true for us, we won't be coming back, it seems to be a one way street.

  2. A sad poem that touches the heart

  3. This is a most thought-provoking poem. I like to think that, when we die, we are reunited with all those we love. A very readable poem. Well done.

  4. A gut wrenching poem that shakes the soul and yes, we should never lose our faith for the bright sunshine always appear.

  5. A real solemn piece, and thoughtful.

  6. It seems we both are dealing with loss of loved ones in our poems this week....I always say I would love to have them back for any amount of time I can get.

  7. wonderful poem and about the cycle of birth and death. Which is inevitable.

  8. Such a lovely poem resembling a vicious circle. A great read Anita!

  9. It's what all of us want...very well-written, Anita.

  10. What a wonderful but sad poem at the same time.
    The loss we all know how it feels.

    Have a ♥-filled ABC-day / -week
    ♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫

  11. I lost my husband when he was only 45 years old and was crushed, devastated, and unable to cope for a long time. It took me 5 years before I knew that I would make it without him, but that he would be there for me when we meet again. I know he would want me to live a good life - and so I try.

    abcw team

  12. I believe we'll all be together again someday and I wouldn't want to bring them back to suffer again. I like to think they're all at peace.

  13. Sorrow painted in lovely colors!Thanks for sharing!

  14. a heart touching sad poem nice one

  15. A very intense poem. I can only think of going forward and living in the present, honoring the ones I miss by breathing life.

  16. Wow. Such a heart touching poem. Yes We will be reunited with our dead loved ones...and we will leave behind some loved ones on earth too.

  17. The sad truth! We know but we don't want to accept it.
    You wrote everyone's heart out.

  18. Interesting thought loved ones being back to us and impressive expression.


Your words mean a lot to me.

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