Monday 23 January 2017

Voices In My Head

I could hear voices that were urgent.
I tried to figure out what they meant...
About their origin, I wasn't sure.
I wondered why was I chosen here.

I was in a dilemma about what to do.
About their credibility I had no clue.
Should I pay attention to those voices?
Or should I go ahead with my choices?

"Joan of Arc With Her Voices" by Eugene Thirion (1876)

Misogynist voices in my head debated intensely,
They thundered, cajoled, shrieked raucously.
I felt frightened to face the voices in my head.
I wished they'd be silent so that I'd focus ahead.

Alas! They continued overpowering me,
This neophyte wanted a full-stop to the misery...
One fine day, when the voices swarmed again,
I raised my inner voice & inflicted them pain!

The voices were taken aback by my confidence!
It was their turn to focus their introspective lens!
They realized I'd be oblivious & no longer play along!
From a victim, I've graduated to singing my own song!

Do you hear voices in your head? How do you deal with them? Do share in the comments below.

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  1. Congrats to graduating to your own song... the best one there is

  2. Thoughtful reflection. Sometimes it's hard to discern where those voices come from. The answer is to be true to self and to our value system. Sometimes that may mean being burned at the stake!

  3. I LOVE the triumphant closing of this poem! That is the journey - changing those voices of self-doubt to empowerment. Yay! Loved this poem.

  4. I deal with them. Mostly they are unfinished tasks. Loved the way you ended the poem, Anita.

  5. Love that close!! Beautifully penned!

  6. Oh, that's bad! I am glad I do not have such an experience, for that would be a nightmare!

  7. Thanks Anita -- there certainly are voices that get stuck in our head, like the song we hate which we can't forget: And there is an act of exorcism, that willful shout of Get behind me Satan! which dispells those voices, or at least commends them to the rear of hearing. Personal identity depends on growing apart from parental and cultural commands: good work here.

  8. Good thought.Of course we should follow our voice.Nice.

  9. You have given the right solution to those who hear such voices to ignore them and start singing one's own songs!

  10. The last para is too good. Let's sing our own songs. Good one, Anita.


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