Friday 20 November 2020

Social Media Management

I have been thinking of "Social Media Management" a lot these days and thus I proposed this topic for IndiSpire Edition# 351:

So, how are you managing Social Media (SM) and the myriad apps and platforms? 
Do you find time to share images, videos and what you did throughout the day? 
How about checking and attending to "mentions", commenting and writing replies? 

Time Lag
As I type my answers to the above questions, I am fully conscious that I am terribly lagging behind.
I am yet to share images and posts of the past several years! 
While today (19 November 2020) I had attended two webinars including one with a central minister, I am yet to share the photograph and learnings. Today is just like yesterday and the day before as I am yet to share about the events that had happened and which I have documented intending to share!
If we don't invest the time & care to share, how will people be aware?

Time is limited for everyone as all have a fixed number of hours everyday. SM works with reciprocation. Why would a friend like or comment on my SM post or blog if I do not do the same? Reciprocation needs time and effort. My dear SM friends, please note that if I have not replied to your comments/queries or reciprocated to your tags, it's because I am yet to see them. I still have hundreds of unread mails, WhatsApp messages, tweets and FB posts, blog comments and more. The only "social media" I somehow manage to reciprocate is- responding to missed calls whose numbers are manageable!

EQ Management
A better Emotional Quotient (EQ) helps to manage self better and form more meaningful bonds whether online or offline. Better EQ would mean better SM. But, a person with higher EQ may not necessarily be the best to ace the SM test! 
The egos of some SM users are huge! 
Beware! There may be an SM deluge!

Hard-Work or Smart-Work?
Like every field, SM has its own rules and challenges. 
One has to be patient and doggedly put in the time and effort to reap SM dividends.
I understand that "there are no short-cuts to success".
But, just like poison is needed to cure poison, one can smartly adopt technology as a solution for problems in SM & technology. 
SM is the meat for many (and they will have an issue if one refers them as poison!) 
These days, there are many video tutorials and apps to use SM smartly, and ignorance is no excuse.

Taming SM - No ordinary game!
Today has become yesterday, while tomorrow is today! 
The cycle continues without fail this way, what can I say? 
SM still remains unmanaged, messages unread & not replied, 
I never give up; I motivate self! But, I can't say that I tried! 

My "To-Post" and "To-Do" list adds more entries in the queue,
When I'll finally manage to share & post them all- I wish I knew!
I start thinking about #SocialMediaTips that can help me sail,
I'm sure one day I'll be able to tame & manage SM without fail!

How is it going for you? Please share if you have any clue!

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