Thursday 25 June 2020

Dots & Streaks - Poetic Tales, Musings And More

Dots & Streaks by Ellora Mishra is a delightful book of interesting short poetic tales and musings that makes one think. Creative words with smart and keen observations express the understanding and empathy in the author's sensitive mind.
The short book description is interesting and welcoming:
A few dots
A few streaks
Short poetic tales
Musings of life’s
Crevices & creeks
The Author

Author Ellora Mishra hails from Odisha, India. She has had a bright academic career with degrees in Engineering and Business Management respectively from BITS Pilani and XIMB. Having spent twelve years as a professional corporate banker, Ellora has now chosen to pursue her passion of writing & other hobbies. She is presently based at Netherlands. She blogs at - Live Life To The Fullest.

The Book Cover

When I first saw the book cover, I knew it was the product of an engineering and creative mind! The pastel colours, the typesetting and design,  and the distinct images on the cover show the diversity and dexterity of the author's mind and her creations. 

The Layout
"In randomness I thrive 
And collages I smear 
A few dots there 
A few streaks here."
The layout does justice to the above lines! 
The words are well supplemented by the author's own images. I liked the different positioning of the images. "Pictures speak more than a thousand words". The book is very neatly presented and a pleasure to read. 
Some Words 

I was introduced to the author's words thanks to the Blogchatter A To Z Blogging Challenge this April.
The author had written 26 poems,; topics corresponding to the letters of the alphabets and ranging across so many- Apocalypse to Zenith...

There is a sense of positivity, realism, and honesty in her poems.
One gets to look forward expecting the doors to open soon. The hope does allow us to cope! 
"As the other end of the fathomless imagination
Long after the doors open"
When the mind has decided, we must "strive to reach"- 
"Calling for nothing else 
But the Zenith and none less 
Where, thou must strive to reach 
Was always the relentless preach"
What lies beyond the zenith? 

How can one admire the beauty of a mirror and acknowledge? 

What is the power of an ink bludge? 

How to deal with those broken moments and scars?

What's there in roses?

Who is life's epitome?

To know these answers and more, do read 'Dots & Streaks' and explore! 

When Creative Souls Meet And Greet!

I was on the terrace with tiny candles, who braved the wind and continued to share their light. 
They gave hope in these trying times that everything's gonna be alright.

The next day, I saw that someone else too has pondered about the 'ego of a candle' and written verse :)

Then, have you thought about umbrellas standing in unity?
"Came together the umbrellas tumbling over while they bounced.
 And together when they in all their varied colors stood in unity 
They looked around astounded by that spectacle best in beauty"
I had written a story with the same idea-  A Lesson From Umbrellas :)

Dear Ellora, Here are some words from me-
You point where you exactly want the reader to see!
One gets to experience this voyage of discovery!
Glad to get connected in this vast sea of humanity! 
Image Courtesy: Ellora Mishra

Concluding Words 

I felt that certain poems like "Quintessential" share glimpses from the author's own life; others express her experience and wisdom.

The author has shared her deepest feelings with elan.
Somethings are not planned, and yet happen as per a grand plan!
"I smile at their question on how can there not be a plan 
And I wonder why is it that there always has to be a plan"
The author shares a similar thought in another poem-
"For after all how much ever you devise
Life's topsy-turvy path always have ways that defies"
There is something to learn from everyone. Words give us comfort in this uncertain world-
"That solace of unfaltering solidarity
Kind of the last straw to cling on
In this merciless flowing uncertainty"
Like an effortless charioteer, the author steers the readers through the 104 pages of Dots & Streaks.

Free to Download Link

Do check out and download the eBook 'Dots & Streaks' available here
You can gauge the popularity of the author's maiden eBook considering the fact that this book has nearly 600 downloads so far. 
Note- This book is available for free download only for a limited period. 

My eBook- Geographical Indications (GIs) of Odisha is also available for free download here.

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  1. Beautifully reviewed. I have read the book. It was great to go through the extracts.


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